"Jeg har arbejdet med Christian gennem flere projekter. Christian har overblik og er altid 2 skridt foran projektgruppen. Christian kan motivere og engagere projektgruppen, så den yder sit bedste og levere til aftalte deadlines."
Jesper Skriver Mogensen
Fabrikschef, Fjero A/S
"Christian worked as Project Manager in the development of the 9.5MW offshore turbine. He has a structured approach to project management, keeping focus on deliverables and priorities. He is able to identify critical areas and break down complex projects into manageable tasks, taking the right decisions at the right time."
Carlo Alberto Cardellini
Senior Project Manager, Vestas
” …some of he’s qualities is: Calmness, knowing how to communicate preciseness and trustful. Well done!!!”
Natalia Colom
Project Manager, Gunnebo